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Looking to improve your B2C ecommerce platform? Or, need to create a fresh website? Our ecommerce development company offers all the services that you need to present your products to the shoppers. From well-designed website create to intricate integrations- everything is within our abilities and knowledge. To say briefly, our team helps with- UX design, reduction of shopping cart abandonment, omnichannel ecommerce development solution, increased customer engagement, platform optimization and best site layout.

Our ecommerce website development company has the goal of adding enterprise standard features to your portal. While we start dealing with ecommerce, agility is the most important factor to be focused. N2R Technologies has certified developers to listen to your problems and give you the best solutions.

Our clients dream of owning an ecommerce platform, and we build it to see their smiling face. Our professionals deal with your business to developing a site or an app,customized to your customers’ needs. We make every decision by analyzing the sales details that we have collected with thorough research. So, rely on our team to get the best standard ecommerce solution for your store.

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Major solutions from our ecommerce development team

Ecommerce Website And App

Leading position in the web development field and increasing productivity by applying ethical technique

Ecommerce Platform Migration

From Magento to OpenCart or from Drupal to Magento. We have all the solutions for you.

Plugin And Extensions Development

Custom extensions or plugins of premium versions. It is easy to add more functionality to your platform.

Site Maintenance

Visitors won’t meet obstacles on your website interface. It’s our responsibility to maintain the site

Boost your sales with our Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Key Facts Of Our ECommerce Development

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Newsletter Management

Integrate the best tools to your store, and it will be easier for you to manage the subscribers’ newsletters. It simplifies your email marketing campaign.

Order management

It is beneficial both technically and financially. As a new-merchant, you will never need to face problems in managing several orders every day from your online platform.

Inventory Management

Physical stores have inventories on-site, while the digital ones must have the inventory managing system integrated to their online shop.

Cost-effective solution

Newly developed storefront? Looking for the low-priced solution? Our ecommerce website development company can realize your situation.

Mobile & Desktop- Make your presence in both

Just as any business owner likes to present responsive website, we also create it for ecommerce store owners. Whether your customers are buying your products from PC or mobile, there will be no issue page scrolling, low resolution and image distortion. Product description page, blog section, forum, checkout page and all other sections will be responsive in design. We resize your web content dynamically and eliminate all the intricacies of coding. The modern time savvy customers will surely love your site as the best shopping destination. So, rely on our ecommerce development services for responsive platform.

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Mobile Apps

Build up Android and iOS apps for your mobile customers. Simple navigation, usability, relevant product icons and right font size- everything gets combined to create a good ecommerce app.

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Ecommerce Website

For desktop-friendly websites also, we give comprehensive solutions. Let your customers view your products and buy anything from your functional store.

Seo Friendly Store

No ecommerce store can get customers without making it search engine optimized. Thus, SEO is the most important focus to our ecommerce development company. With the application of various tools and techniques, we enable you to enjoy high ranking of your digital store. We make sure that the everyday performance of your site is high. Short and clean URLs, relevant titles and good Meta tags help you to achieve success.

Superior Analytics

With visual report and data, our team helps you in finding out how many deals and website you get every day. We develop simple dashboards that reflect the shopping behavior of your customers. Each of the details, segmented clearly, gives you a clear view of regular report. You will also know the type of users, who visit your website to make deals. Gain more knowledge on your business with these analytics.


While we focus on your customers, it will be easier for you to increase their engagements. By integrating social platform, multilingual solution and multiple payment systems, we help you in attracting more customers. We also make your cross-selling and upselling system automated. You can find returning customers to your ecommerce website. We present you with a customized website, which gives ultimate comfort to your online shoppers.

Easy To Pay

Online store cannot get success while its payment system is not easy. We know that your customers have different choices for payment gateways. Your customers just have to add the preferred products to their shopping cart, and then move to the final step of making payment. You will have no potential of losing any customer. So, make your website the best platform that offers the smooth shopping experience.

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Our developers always uses latest ecommerce tools and techniques for providing the best solution

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