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Best free ecommerce platform for small business

Ecommerce businesses are having development very fast. You may also find the introduction of various innovative platforms to fulfill the retailers’ needs. Whether it is a small business or a giant corporate unit, online retailers have turned to the modern open source platforms for starting their business. These free platforms help them to create online visibility and to control their store easily. Just choose one of the free ecommerce platforms, and start developing your business.

Open source frameworks have several solutions and intricate features. With these platforms, you will find a good community of developers. You may pick the freemium version of your small business. We have made a list of free tools, available for you to set up ecommerce business.


opencart Magento


We have placed it first in our list of ecommerce platforms. Those, who have done some research on ecommerce tools, may be familiar to this name. Magento has offered all the major tools with its free version. To get more potential features, you need to pay for them.

It is easy to create product-related content or landing page of your store. You will also be able to control the shipping process and create informative report on taxes and stocks.

With lots of add-ons and extensions, Magento has turned out to be the major system. You may also integrate chat system for real-time communication with your customers. Although there are free extensions, you will also find the paid ones. You may rely on the pre-designed themes for decorating your ecommerce portal. Moreover, there are responsive themes, which work for all desktops and mobile devices. Due to the high flexibility, Magento has become most preferable platform. Though you can create a free functional site with Magento, you need to make payment for domain name, payment processing system and security solutions. Magento also helps you in managing your coupons, discounts, invoices and payment gateways.


As the first-time ecommerce platform user, you can rely on the basic version of OpenCart. To meet your other commercial needs, you may look for its advanced package. There is no need of any installation with OpenCart. With the presence of LAMP on server, you will get its advantage.

You have to visit the marketplace of OpenCart in order to know what add-ons are there to increase your website’s functionality. In free version, you can integrate social media. With the premium one, you will have effective tools for SEO. The best fact about OpenCart platform is that it has simple dashboard for all the novice users. The large store owners also have a chance of increasing the functionality.


With more than 300 features, PrestaShop has turned out to be one of the best formulas for ecommerce business. Its standard extensions are also useful to your store setup. This is a PHP-based platform, and that’s why it fits easily for many sites. The number of templates, available for you, is more than 1,500. Only five hundred of them are paid templates. The add-ons enable you in integrating Amazon Marketplace, and you can strengthen your business operations. With a single backend, PrestaShop assists you in sustaining more than one store. The reporting ability is also present in PrestaShop.




As it is not a new platform, many of us have heard its name. At free of cost, you can enjoy over 7000 integrations with your website. You will get constant assistance from its community. osCommerce has really become the best resource to the digital retailers.

From Facebook to Sage Pay, everything can be integrated. Moreover, you can present your website in more than one language. You have the option of choosing search friendly website URL, customizing currencies and choosing payment gateways.

There is nothing too much intricacy with osCommerce. Those, who are just entering the ecommerce industry, can choose this software.

While you face any problem in creating your store, you may rely on its community or hire web developers for better solution. osCommerce platform has made its partnership with hosting agency, and you may also choose its hosted framework.


Another ecommerce tool, accessible to you, is WooCommerce. If you’ve created WordPress site, you can transform it easily with Woo Themes and create a digital store. WooCommerce is highly audited, and you will get a secured platform. You may easily manage the User Interface. You can check out whether the performance of your shop is good on every month and for every product category.

As a store owner, you will also be able to offer coupon or run promotional programs with discount rates on various products.


With multicurrency and multilingual facility, Drupal has offered a wonderful platform to the ecommerce store owners. Easy integration of third party apps is the most useful feature with this tool. For those, who look for CMS platform, Drupal is the right option. While you need to get technical assistance, you have to make investment. To create big ecommerce business, Commerce version is the best choice.


Simpl Cart


This is a free tool to create shopping cart to be added to your ecommerce portal. There’s no need of programming and complicated database. You have to know only HTML for integration and customization. You will be able to control the content easily and add more than one payment system. No installation or download is essential for the users.


The last one, we like to mention, is Ubercart. You may alter or add any feature of Ubercart platform. You can integrate Drupal CMS with its shopping cart system. Create customized catalogue for your products, add checkout page and process all the online orders easily with this tool.

Thus, these are some popular ecommerce platforms that you can use to develop online store. However, to create every part of the store, there is a need of much time. To save your time, you may hire ecommerce developers from N2R Technologies. Get the best web designers and developers at this company. Whether you want customized themes or plugins, these professionals offer the right solutions.



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