In the early years of Artificial Intelligence research, it was anticipated that an intelligent machine will replace humans in a text-based conversation in near future. But the theory was considered unrealistic during a time when Internet technology was not fully matured. But today in this digital era, it is fast becoming reality in the form of Chatbots.

A Chatbot is a software powered by AI, machine learning and NLP designed to generate responses to the users’ query over the internet. The communication between the bot and human being takes place through the chat interface

Chatbots are becoming popular because of its various benefits. Big brands like H&M and American Express integrated Chatbots in their websites to provide proactive customer service to their customers. The number of businesses has grown exponentially with the help of Chatbots.



Product availability, delivery performance and competitive pricing mark the fundamentals of a successful ecommerce program. However, the user experience is becoming increasingly important. The ease of use and navigation will convert more prospects into customers. Chatbots are already playing a pivotal role in ecommerce.

A recent Netimperative article emphasizes the importance of conversational ecommerce. The article cites that nearly 80% of B2C businesses in 2018 will implement some kind of automated help system. Chatbots are one of the most popular forms of automated customer service.


Benefits of using Chatbots



Engagement on the Landing Page

Many websites struggle to interact or engage with their customers on their landing pages.

Part of this is due to the lack of face to face interaction. As people become more accustomed to interacting with chatbots and AI technology improves, more companies will integrate chatbots into their ecommerce platforms

Chatbots can instantly engage the customer on the landing page and help them navigate to the right product. Quick navigation not only increases the likelihood of a sale conversion, it also helps the customer save time.


Optimizing Customer Service Resources



According to Netimperative, 31% of ecommerce customers cannot obtain answers to simple questions about products or the brands they buy from. In addition, 34% of users find ecommerce websites difficult to navigate.

Chatbots can help answer some of the initial questions a customer service representative would typically ask. If the chatbot cannot answer the customer’s question in its entirety, it can at least take care of the initial discovery that saves employees time.

If a product is highly specialized, the chatbot can direct the customer to a specific customer service person who is in an expert in that particular product.


Reducing Bounce Rates

Netimperative reports ecommerce websites experience an average bounce rate of about 57%. The bounce rate measures the rate at which a customer places an item into their shopping cart but fails to follow through with the purchase.

Chatbots can help companies reduce their bounce rates by following up with customers to gain insights on how to improve their experiences. From pricing to availability, this specific bounce feedback can provide actionable insights for improving ecommerce platforms to close more sales.


Order processing



It is widely used for Order Processing in the Various industry to help the customer to process their order and help to track there order, Check customer history.

E-commerce Industry using this to improve their Customer experience by help 24*7 with there query and there order and product related query. Through chatbot, they can easily ask you about your experience with there services


Data-driven marketing

A chatbot is able to collect data about their customer more efficiently.

Chatbots can monitor your customer behavior such as their buying decision, preference, and items they purchased.

When you have your customer data you can easily update your business as per that report


Available 24*7



In Your business, Customer can visit anytime for your services and for any suggestion and query.

I’m Sure most of you have experienced listening some boring tune saying hold on we are connecting with our customer services and they keep you on hold for a long time.

But on chatbot, your customer will not face this type of boring things. The consumer can easily ask any query and they got solve by your question – answer filled in your data.


Helps you Save Money

Of Course every one want to save their time and most importantly their money.

Through Chatbot you can save a lot of money by cutting the cost on hiring a customer support team to solve the query.

You can integrate chatbot for your business to cater to simple queries of customers and pass there complex queries to customer support agents.


Wrap up

Nowadays, people are wholeheartedly accepting new channels for communications. They are excited to talk to businesses via new channels. Customers expect that they get the information instantly without unnecessary hassle. AI Chatbots can perfectly meet customers’ expectations and can boost sales and conversion rate.



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