How To Increase Your Online Sales

How to start small ecommerce business in India

E-commerce or online retail stores are growing at the fastest rate in several countries, including India. Due to the availability of internet in Smartphone and desktop, lots of consumers have started buying products from these ecommerce stores. The businessmen have also got inspired to set up their store on the online platform. In the year, 2016, the number of online visitors in India was more than 400 million. Moreover, we can realize it from the increasing reputation of various platforms, like Snapdeal, Jabong, Flipkart and Myntra. Thus, you may also take steps to start your own m-commerce or ecommerce store for Indian customers. We have presented a systematic way that you can follow for growing a small online retail store.


Right Way

Create a good business model in the right way

For every business, there is a need of right plan. Make out your innovative ideas for setting up the ecommerce platform. While the ideas are not effective, you may not be able to get success. Take the best preparation to win the competition.

You must think of the level of your business operations. For instance, you have to know whether you should ship your products internationally or nationally. Try to know the resources that are available to you. Choose the shipping partners for your online business and then find out the prices to be paid to ship those products.

Only, when you get fully ready with all essential resources and information, you can meet all your customers’ needs. To make your business successful and run your operations every day, you have to do all these things.


Product Categories

Pick the product categories to be displayed on your platform

When you are thinking of your website structure and ecommerce business success, you have to choose the products that you like to sell. You can sell any type of product through your online portal. There are many ecommerce sites, which deal with more than one product category. However, your choice and decision may vary, considering the availability of resources and your own budget.


Your Store

Think of your store’s name

It is another important thing that you have to do after choosing your product. The best trick is to find a name that appears to be relevant to the products. Pick a name that can be easily spelled, recalled or remembered. It is better to choose a very short name. The domain name of your website also needs to be associated with your store’s name.


Online Shopping

Create the most functional website or online shopping portal

At this step, you may better depend on the professional developers for creating the best ecommerce site or mobile-friendly shopping platform. Invest on website hosting and create good-looking platform that runs your online business. The developers may choose the best ecommerce framework and create customized themes and plug-ins for your site. You can make the layout more functional. From product catalogues and shopping carts to payment system and online chat, everything will be integrated by the web developers.As it is much tricky step, you have to spend much time for the development of full-featured ecommerce store.


Business Registered

Make your business registered

Just as any other company, you have to become a registered ecommerce store owner. You may consider partnership or individual ownership. However, we have seen that getting registered as a Private Limited Company may have few demerits. To make any decision, you can consult with a CA. The registration process is very essential to any online retail store owner. While sending invoice and having payment, you will realize the importance of registration. However, there are many payment systems, where you do not need to be a registered business.


Payment Gateway

Choose payment gateways- Safe for your Indian consumers

The best ecommerce store always offers more than one payment option. You have to integrate those, which are applicable in India. You may also make a comparison of those gateways and pick the systems that are suitable for your own business.

Integrate the payment system with bank as it is the simplest and most common option to the small online business. PayPal and PayUMoney are also popular payment gateways. However, you should also include COD as one of the options for making payment. Lots of Indian customers prefer this transaction mode. They like to pay you after getting products at their doorstep.


Product Uploading

Product uploading to get ready for sale

After setting up the structure of your digital store you have to upload the details and images of your chosen products. At this step you need to have marketing knowledge. There is a technique of writing the product-related information and displaying clear image for the products. Choose each category and then add content for all products, included in it. The information has to be precise and accurate to avoid confusion among the customers.



Logistics for your ecommerce business

To transport the products smoothly to your customers’ doorstep, you need to have a contact with a company, providing courier services. Compare the charge of various service providers, and choose the best one.



Write about your policies and T&Cs

Online shops always have the goal of pleasing their customers. While the customers face issues on payment and product delivery, they will not visit your store. You have to clearly state all Terms and Conditions for buying your products. You have to include return policy, shipping policy, replacement rules and payment policies. Moreover, you should also say whether your website is safe for your customers to make transactions.

Now, after accomplishing all these activities for your ecommerce business, you can think of marketing campaign. You must not stop your marketing efforts at any time. This is a consistent approach to make your ecommerce store visible throughout a year. From SEO to display ads, everything is essential to promote your store. You may better speak to the best ecommerce marketing service provider, N2R Technologies. Hire professionals from this company and get an incredible output. They will also give you the right tips to develop your business.



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