Here is great news for all the merchants owning online store serving Australia customers. Cuz we have just launched StarTrack Shipping OpenCart extension!!

You can gift your customers a customized shipping method supporting StarTrack shipping with this new extension.

Using it you can offer your customers a facility to choose from the method they wish to use for their products to get delivered.

Very few online stores offer a chance to select from the shipping methods. Weather it costs more or less, customers are forced to pay the total shipping price displayed in the shopping cart.

With this extension you can add more advantages to your online store.


Startrack shipping

Being the owner of the store, you can select from the types of shipping you wish to add to your store for the end users.

You can also add the handling charges along with the shipping rates, if any, either a flat rate or in percentage.

With StarTrack Shipping for OpenCart Australian merchants can integrate StarTrack Shipping service into their OpenCart store and fetch best shipping rates from StarTrack Shipping for various locations within Australia.


Why Use OpenCart StarTrack Shipping Extension?


Contract Based Rates

As the extension always fetches contract-based rates from StarTrack, merchants do not need to update anything if the shipping rates are revised.


Admin Settings

Startrack shipping


The admin can select the options for startrack shipping like, city, state, PIN code, shipping modes, and charges applied.

Admin can select relevant length, height, width attributes as the charges are based on these and can also sent the error message when the selected shipping method is not available for specific city or location.


Shipping Method

It displays the shipping methods and the relevant rates for each method of Startrack.

  • Merchants Can Select Shipping Methods
  • Add Handling Charges

Merchant can select the types of shipping processes (road, airways, overnight etc.) for various destinations within Australia using this extension.

Merchant can also add handling fee or any other charge with the shipping rates, either flat rate or in percentage.


Users Gain

Get Real Time Shipping Rates for Selected Destination

On selecting StarTrack as shipping method by the end users, it will display the current real-time shipping charges of Star Track applicable within Australia.


Key Features


1.) Live price quote only for Fixed Price Premium Service (FPP) on the checkout page.


Startrack shipping


2.) Create the shipment once the customer pays and store it on a Manifest.


Startrack shipping


3.) Get Label and be able to print for each order.


4.) For each pickup from StarTrack, we need to Send Manifest to StarTrack (therefore locking it), be able to print the manifest for the driver.


Startrack shipping


5.) Start a new manifest for new shipments that come in.




Wrapping Up



Retain your loyal customers by implementing StarTrack Shipping opencart Extension into your online store. It will surely make your brand identity much popular and remarkably outstanding.

To buy the StarTrack Shipping opencart Extension – Contact Now



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